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Tips For Members

Dear PDJN community member,

Thank you for registering with Pro DJ Network. We hope you’ll find our growing web resource a useful tool for your entertainment business. In addition to our free directories and social network, you will find great deals on pro DJ gear, custom websites, books, DVDs, music and more. And, we are adding new features all the time!

Now that you have registered with our online community, we highly recommend that you log in and make sure to do the following:

1. Make sure to set your email address to your Gravitar email address (the image will be displayed on your profile and wherever members are recognized). Register and upload a custom profile image: Gravatar.

2. Complete the bio field, where you can share some basic info about yourself to make your profile more interesting and useful.

3. If you have your own website, you are encouraged to promote it by providing a valid URL.

4. Set your member preferences. You can choose to make your profile visible to everyone or just those you have connected with as friends. You can also choose whether to receive automated email notifications of activity on your account, such as friend requests and posts to your board.

5. Make friends. After logging in, you can scan the Member Directory and send a “friend” request to whomever you want. Some members choose to make their profile and board activity only visible to friends, so don’t be bashful.

6. Post to your board to get the ball rolling. If you want to recommend a related website, product or service to other members, you can do so by posting on your discussion board.

Important notes: Invalid profile URLs or links to websites that are off topic will be deleted. Material that is off-topic or links to suspicious or inappropriate websites on the discussion boards will be deleted, and the member’s account may be suspended. In some cases, we may close accounts that have been opened and abandoned with little or no relevant information or activity. This policy helps make Pro DJ Network a better experience for all. For more information on membership rules and guidelines, please see Becoming A Member.

See you on the boards, and continued success to you!

The Pro DJ Network Team